Publications, Electronic Media & Entertainment

Bhe group's foray into media and publications was not driven by profit motive, but to propagate and campaign the issues and the causes it believed in. DESHAM's initial venture was a Bengali periodical Samay - Asamay to arouse awareness about socially relevant national and international news, and social cultural trends and changes. This periodical gained substantial circulation and a devoted readership in a short span.

This was followed by The Royal Bengal a niche publication on environmental and ecological issues. Published from Kolkata, this periodical got a tremendous response and support from different quarters.


Immense popularity and effectiveness of the electronic media led to Solace's decided to launch a television channel. The R & D department of Solace is working on this project.

On the planning board are two more periodicals one exclusively on the Similipal Tiger Reserve to be published from Orissa, while the other will from Kolkata.


( Ms. Debashree Roy, noted film actress inaugurating conservation news paper with
Mr. Aditya Mukherjee )

The latter will have West Bengal in focus, highlighting the state's resurgence.