Who We Are

On 4th September'' 1987, 24 years ago, a young man, Aditya Mukherjee, got together with few friends & started the organization called DESHAM. All that time Desham was just a idea, a dream of doing something for the sake of the society & country. Aditya just started his professional career at that time & his friends were ' Ordinary People ' - middle class youths who all trying hard to settle either in any service or elsewhere. But Aditya was driven by determination to realize his dreams, to whatever extent he could. Aditya's office was the office of Desham. They started to initiate different social welfare activities throughout the year initially from Kolkata & later spreaded to other parts off the country. Majority of funds donated by Aditya's Company from its inception till to - day. Aditya always takes it as his Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) & desire to continue till last day of his life.

The organization founded by Aditya grew from the dream into a movement over the years. The growth came brick by brick. It proved Aditya's firm belief that any body could & he did, make a difference. Desham also evolved its philosophy of community mobilization. At Desham, We have seen that strong collective action can influence local governance & even government policy, enable communities to find the awareness, confidence and hope that allows them to take change of their future & overcoming the obstacles.