Our Mission

  • To work for the cause & care of underprivileged children, disadvantaged older persons & to improve their quality of life, to protect Nature along with its habitat, human - wildlife conflict mitigation, to stand by the people suffered during disaster & natural calamities, to create awareness among general public as they can join any sort of social - welfare organization etc.

  • Imagine putting out your child from school just because you are unable to pay to support your body.

  • Every second child in India is malnourished.

  • Two million child in India die every year before reaching their first birthday age.

  • Less than half of India's Children between the age of 6 to 14 go to school.

  • Imagine a country, India, where 10,000 Indians died from entirely preventable causes.

  • 12% older people said no one cares they exist.

  • 13% older people feel trapped within their homes.

  • 21% feel more or less alone & socialize with few people including their own children.

To enable people to take responsibility to fight against all odds & to motivate them to seek resolution through individual & collective action enabling underprivileged to realize their full potential.

In the outpouring of public grief & sympathy, We all feel for victims of a disaster - natural or man made. We like to urge you not forget to continue to support the causes & organizations you care about.