A young man Sri Aditya Mukherjee started the organization called DESHAM with few friends twenty four years ago. At that time, DESHAM was just a dream & passion for doing something for the sake of the society. Aditya, a self made man started to make a habit from his young age to provide most of the expenses of DESHAM for any noble causes undertaken by them. As Aditya always believes in one words "WHAT I CAN DO, I MUST DO WHAT EVER BE THE OBSTACLE". Actually they were driven by their determination to realize their dream.

They chose to start from grassroots - level to know everything better. Over the years, the organization founded by Aditya & his friends grew from a dream into a movement for different sectors ranging from natural disaster to environmental protection, to fight for rights of underprivileged children to elderly etc. etc. Today DESHAM is one of the most prominent voluntary body in the field of its activities in India.

A silver anniversary is a time for celebration & introspection. It's a time to take a stock of all that's been achieved & chalk out future plans for the years ahead of us.

Therefore, We are using this 24th years anniversary as a platform to launch a mass awareness campaign in different segments of our activities. We are inviting people from all walks of life to come forward & pledge support to us for fulfilling our mission a success in the forthcoming years.